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PYROSHIELD® - the choice for open gears.

These products offer excellent non-leaded lubricity for heavy-duty sliding, open gear & shock loaded applications.


  • It is an advanced lubricant technology that provides unique synthetic lubricants for shrouded open gears & other open gears of similar applications. PYROSHIELD® was developed specifically to meet the requirements for the lubrication of these large open gears.
  • LE's PYROSHIELD® line provides superior lubrication & resolves the many concerns that confront the operators of large open gear driven equipment.
  • PYROSHIELD® products contain LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive ALMASOL®
  • PYROSHIELD® products are non-asphaltic & are environmentally safe

What does PYROSHIELD® do?

There are numerous benefits from using LE's PYROSHIELD Open Gear lubricants:

  • Improved Gear Protection
  • Reduced Electrical Consumption
  • Improved cleanliness
  • Elimination of hazardous waste disposal costs
  • Lower lubrication costs
  • Unique conversion process

How does PYROSHIELD® perform?

Comparative product testing by LE has proven that LE's PYROSHIELD  outperforms competitive products in the marketplace:

  • Load Wear Index (LWI)  - This test is a measure of a lubricant's ability to carry a load & minimize wear. The higher the value, the better the job the lubricant has done in preventing wear. PYROSHIELD® outperformed eleven competitor products with a LWI of over 130 versus only 90 for the nearest competitor.
  • LE Modified Timken Test - In a test against four other products PYROSHIELD's load-carrying capacity was proved to outperfom the competition.
  • Lubricant Consumption - PYROSHIELD® products are documented to help reduce lubricant consumption by up to 80%.
  • Gear Temperature Reduction - LE's PYROSHIELD® reduces gear temperatures by 5-15%.
  • Excellent EP Characteristics - PYROSHIELD® products have Timken OK Loads of up to 90lbs versus only 30lbs in many commercial grade asphaltic gear compounds
  • No residual hazardous materials to dispose of - PYROSHIELD® does not contain any hazardous materials and can be disposed of like any other non-hazardous petroleum oil.
  • Reduced electrical consumption - Due to the superior lubricating qualities of LE's PYROSHIELD many customers experience up to a 2 - 2.5% reduction in electrical costs. Reduced friction resulting from superior lubrication can be reflected in reduced energy consumption.

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