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QUINPLEX® forms a barrier that resists water spray off. Adheres itself to the applied surface which allows the grease to resist “pound out” better.

The use of QUINPLEX® enhances the “coupling” of the oil with the thickener and it improves the overall stability of the grease and forms a barrier against corrosion. [more info]

What is QUINPLEX®?

  • LE’s exclusive additive that enhances lubricant performance

What does QUINPLEX® do?

  • Improves water resistance
  • Improves tackiness
  • Improves cohesion (enhances the ‘coupling’ of the oil with the grease thickener)
  • Improves mechanical stability
  • Forms a barrier against rust & corrosion

How does QUINPLEX® perform?

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that lubricants containing QUINPLEX have decisively out-performed competitive products:

  • STABILIZES VISCOSITY: It will increase the viscosity index of fluid products & grease base oils (such as LE 4010, 4030 , 4090 ). This helps stabilize the viscosity against the influence of temperature changes.
  • NO DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS: Due to the chemical composition of QUINPLEX® it will not interfere with other chemically active components of lubricants.
  • HIGHER LOAD CARRYING ABILITY: Research in the UK has shown that in a journal bearing test rig, lubricants with QUINPLEX® carried more load than lubricants of equal viscosity but without QUINPLEX®. Research also indicated the load carrying capacity is substantially greater than existing theory predicts.
  • WATER SPRAY OFF TEST RESULTS: LE 3752 ALMAGARD will typically have less than 10% water spray off loss in the ASTM-4049 test. This compares to 60-95% spray-off loss measured on competitive ‘high performance’ NLGI No.2 multi-purpose lithium products.

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