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460/680 ALMASOL® Worm Gear Lubricant

Formulated with 100% mid-continent paraffinic base oils blended with stable lubricity additives and ALMASOL® to provide protection over a wide temperature range.

  • For all gearboxes that require a compounded worm gear lubricant
  • Protects worm gears and bronze parts
  • Formulated with paraffinic base stocks, carefully blended with ALMASOL® and other additives for excellent lubricity, film strength and load carrying ability
  • USDA H2
  • Meets AGMA 9005-094 requirements for R & O oils and for compounded oil
  • Superior wear protection
  • Oxidation resistance superior to commercial grade worm gear oils
  • Passes demulsibility test that commercial worm gear oils fail

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4007-4008 QUINPLEX® White Worm Gear Lubricant

Food grade H1 lubricants designed for use in worm gear applications where superior anti-wear, rust and oxidation resistant properties and H1 performance is desired
  • NSF/USDA H1 food grade worm gear lubricants
  • Formulated with USP white food grade oils
  • Unmatched anti-corrosion and wear performance
  • Contains QUINPLEX®, LE's exclusive additive that enhances lubricant performance

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