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Engine Oil Filtration

Filtration systems were introduced as improvements to engine oil lubrication systems

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Compressor Changeover

Potential problems may be encountered when converting air compressors to LE’s compressor / industrial oils

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Huge open gears used in industrial mills require specialist lubricants in order to work effectively & efficiently

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Fuel Additives

Why should you use a fuel additive & what are the advantages?

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Gear & Gear Lubricants

Gears are required to carry increasing load capacities & LE has addressed this need by developing better gear oils to safely carry these increased loads

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Multilec Industrial Oils

Four years of lab & field evaluation has resulted in this unique, multi-functional product

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Oil Pressure Changes

Users of diesel engines often note a change in oil pressure when they change from monograde to multigrade

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Lubrication of Electric Motors

When servicing electric motor bearings, it is important that the right grease is applied in the right quantity

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