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Gear reducers at WWTP

Vital for increasing/decreasing speed & torque in power transmission flow

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Clarifiers in the WWTP Process

They are the heart of the WWTP system, removing turbidity, sediment & material

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How bearings fail

Wear & spalling is inevitable, but its occurrence is usually premature & result of human rather than metal failure

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Grease Troubleshooting

Applications, Symptoms, Possible causes & checks to be carried out

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Categories of seals & the various materials to be used

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LE 1250 ALMASOL® High Temperature Lubricant

Effective lubrication at high temperatures requires a high quality LE grease.

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Grinding / Pulverizing Mills

Many industrial minerals need to be pulverized in mills. The lubrication of these mill’s large open gears is critical to the plant’s operation

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