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Gear Oils

Many changes have taken place recently in gear oil requirements & specifications

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Screening of Influent Streams

These are necessary to remove solid materials from the influent & this difficult application requires high performance lubricants

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Soot Blowers & other boiler cleaning equipment

Retractable or rotary versions are common applications at oil, coal or multi-fuel power plants

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Coal Processing

Proper lubrication of coal processing equipment is an important factor in obtaining good performance & long engine life

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Aluminium Complex Grease

It is a valuable multi-functional, multi-purpose product

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Engines supplying power at WWTP

Large internal combustion engines are found at many wastewater treatment plants - proper lubrication is vital

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Lubrication of blowers at WWTP

They are numerous in any large WWTP. Rotary units use light oils, reciprocating piston units use heavier oils

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Pumps at WWTP

Pumps maybe rotary, piston or turbine type & are usually grease lubricated except for turbine types

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