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Anti-friction bearing maintenance & lube

Proper lubrication of anti-friction bearings is essential to their successful performance

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Motor Oil Degradation

Motor oil has to work in an uncontrolled chemical factory - the engine. It is subject to temperature & pressure changes & contamination

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Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulics offer unlimited flexibility in power transmission

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Food Industry Equipment

The Food Industry provides a very challenging operating environment for lubricants

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Piston Ring & Cylinder Wear failures

New tighter ring designs for lower particulate emission requirements make ring/cylinder failures even more critical

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Hydrostatic Transmissions

They use oil to transmit power from the power source to the driven mechanism

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All LE Brand Products are exclusive to LE Inc

Every product sold by LE is manufactured to its own strict, exclusive requirements. Many include LE’s exclusive additives

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Torque Converters

They ensure that all drive line power is transmitted via fluid. Its purpose is to extend the versatility of a vehicle & continuous performance

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