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Reduce Cost & Increase Reliability

The importance of the use of high performance lubricants in reducing lubrication costs & increasing reliability

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Air Tools

Air or pneumatic tools are high speed mechanisms that provide portability & replacement of manual labour - lubrication is crucial

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Grease Bases used in the manufacture of lubricants

A lubricating grease is defined as a solid or semi-liquid product representing a dispersion of a thickener in a liquid lubricant

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Simple Maintenance, Turbocharger life

Simple cleaning is about the only required turbocharger maintenance

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Universal Type Wet Brake

What is a universal tractor fluid? It needs to perform 3 major functions...

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Hydraulic Oil Filtration

75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated fluid

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Lubrication Programme

The best defence against equipment failure & high maintenance costs is to have a sound lubrication programme

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Dielectric, Transformer, Insulating Oils

In oil terminology these terms are synonymous & are used as a description for an oil to be used in electrical apparatus

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