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Basics of Lubrication

The reduction of friction is the basic reason for lubrication. Viscosity & temperature are other key aspects to be considered.

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Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are shafts riding in journals - each has its own advantages & disadvantages

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Preparation of Gearbox Reservoirs

To gain optimum performance from LE’s ALMASOL & MONOLEC gear oils it is necessary to properly prepare the enclosed gear reservoir

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Refrigeration Systems

The role of compressors in compressor refrigeration cycle

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Notes on Oil Consumption

The amount of oil consumed varies from engine to engine, make & operator

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Plastic Industry

Use of plastic is rapidly increasing. The 2 key classes of plastic materials are Thermoplastic & Thermosetting

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Current API-SAE Engine Oil Service

Automotive & engine manufacturers include these designations in their owner/operator manuals

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Bearing Failures

Recognise the causes & what to do about them

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