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  • Greases

    Whatever the application, LE has the right grease for the job: open gears, slides, pedestals, chassis points, seals, couplings, chains, cables, pillow block bearings, automatic grease systems, journal bearings. Each one offers its own unique performance characteristics & user benefits. LE’s greases offer the highest quality base oils & additives.

  • Gear Oils

    LE manufactures a full line of open & enclosed gear lubricants using 100% highly refined paraffinic base oils or 100% synthetic base products for all gear box applications: Industrial, Automotive, Food Grade, Open & Worm.

    LE's quality & durability in high performance gear lubes will mean greater productivity & lower maintenance costs for customers through extended equipment life, less downtime & fewer repairs.

  • Industrial Products

    LE's industrial oils cover a wide range of applications. While often thought of as "inside" products, LE industrial oils also have a wide variety of uses in mobile equipment, construction equipment & other "non-plant" areas.

    In addition, LE has air compressor oils, food grade oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, LOW TOX oils and rock drill oils in many viscosity ranges. LE also provides refrigeration oils & chain lubricants.

  • Engine

    L.E. produces high performance, long-drain engine oils that really deliver for customers. L.E.'s engine oils are compounded with select paraffinic-base oils & specially formulated additives.

  • Transmission Fluids

    L.E. offers a full range of transmission fluids for passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, and off-road, heavy-duty equipment. These transmission fluids combine the use of select 100% paraffinic base oils with maximum treat additive package for the utmost in shifting efficiency and transmission performance.

  • Fuel Supplements

    LE offers fuel supplements for light and heavy duty trucking, as well as passenger cars. Regardless of the severity of your vehicle or fleet operation - LE's multifunctional fuel additives are designed to enhance engine performance and efficiency.

  • Additional Products

    Lubrication Engineers provides additional products that complete the full-line of lubrication products, including Wire Rope Lubricants, Penetrating Oils, Oven Chain Lubricants, Dry Film Lubricant and Industrial Cleaner.


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