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ZAP! - LE's Energy Saving Programme

Objective:  Reduce customers’ overall operating costs!

Energy consumption is a major concern for every industry, both for economic & environmental reasons. Friction (due to metal to metal contact) in the working parts of machines robs electrical energy. [more info]

LE’s heavy-duty lubricants reduce friction, heat & wear - and, therefore, electricity consumption due to:

  • 100% Paraffinic base oils - greater lubricity, oxidation resistance 
  • LE’s proprietary friction & wear reducing additives:
    1. ALMASOL®    
    2. MONOLEC®  

LE lubricants reduce friction and when it is reduced, less electricity is required to drive a gearbox, compressor or pump.

LE lubricant customers generally see a 5% reduction in their power requirements and some have experienced savings as high as 20%.
The following are averages of actual documented electricity savings through the use of LE lubricants in the following equipment:

  • GEARBOXES           15% 

Typical annual savings for an estimated 5% amperage reduction more than pays for the LE lubricant required to do the job as shown below:

While energy savings will vary according to each individual situation, Berkeley Petrochemicals work with their customers to identify where in their businesses it is possible to save energy & maintenance costs by using LE lubricants .


Let Berkeley Petrochemicals help you to ZAP! Your electrical energy costs!





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