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Lubrication SurveysAnother invaluable support tool offered by Berkeley Petrochemicals is the Lubrication Survey as it allows customers to establish an effective preventative maintenance programme. Such programmes will generate increased profits for customers, especially when in conjunction with the application of L.E.’s specialist, quality lubricants. [more info]

How does it work?

Our local LE represantative conducts a complete survey of all equipment that requires lubrication:

  • By the area/location
  • By equipment name & number
  • By points of lubrication 
  • Recommended LE products
  • Application methods
  • Drain or lube intervals

What are the benefits of a lubrication survey?

  • Key to a good preventative maintenance programme
  • Product consolidation (reduces inventory requirements, minimises product misapplication)
  • Ensures that equipment is lubricated adequately
  • Assists maintenance personnel in verifying all points are lubricated as scheduled
  • Reduces downtime & repair parts costs
  • Increases equipment life

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