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In the water well drilling industry, there is a very large list of various equipment types with varying lubricant requirements. Over the years, Lubrication Engineers has achieved good success in this industry. The very harsh & rugged environment within which the water well drilling industry is operated in allows Lubrication Engineers products more opportunity to prevent downtime, excessive wear and lessen fuel usage, saving customers a substantial amount of money.

Water well drilling company sizes can range from one rig to a large number of rigs and small shallow rigs to large hole deeper rigs. There are over 8,000 drilling companies operating in the United States alone!

Engines will be used to power rig trucks, crane carriers, water trucks, winch trucks, pickups, mud pumps and air compressors. Engines are used in environments that range from very hot to very cold, dry to wet, and long running intervals.

Transmissions are found in the rig trucks, crane carriers, water trucks, draw-works, mud pumps, and pickups. Both torque converters and manual transmissions are found in this equipment. Due to the heavy load, sometimes more than the recommended maximum and traveling over very rough terrain, the equipment can be severely tested.


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