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ImageGarbage or refuse collection is part of any government's services. These types of vehicles include garbage, scrap (roll-off), dumpsters, compactors and yard trash collection units. Due to the harsh conditions caused by dirt, moisture, heat and cold, Lubrication Engineers products have proven to meet these challenges.

The transport trucks used by waste disposal companies run for long intervals with a lot of stop and go driving, setting and idling. The environment is usually very damp and dirty with a wide temperature variation. This type of service can cause extensive soot accumulation and possible fuel dilution of the engine oil.

Trucks may be equipped with either a manual transmission or with a powershift/automatic transmission. Dirt, moisture, heavy loads and overheating can be common problems due to frequent stop and start driving

Standard differentials are commonly used. These are manufactured by Eaton, Rockwell and Spicer/Dana. Common problems: dirt, moisture, shock, heavy loads and start and stop driving.

U-joints and suspensions include drivelines, kingpins, spring shackle pins & steering components. Typical issues include dirt, moisture, shock, heavy loads, stop and start driving & driver abuse. LE’s high quality greases, specifically ALMAGARD® Vari-Purpose Lubricants, are ideal for these conditions.


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