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ImageFor over fifty years, Lubrication Engineers has demonstrated to small owners and operators, as well as large fleet companies, the many cost saving performance benefits of our lubricants. In today's competitive market, it is becoming more difficult for owners & operators to be profitable due to fierce competition. Therefore, they are constantly looking at ways to lower the overall costs.

Lubrication Engineers oils are proven to last longer in service. Therefore, drain intervals can be safely extended using LEAP because of our powerful long drain package. Less lubricant is consumed and fewer man-hours are necessary to change the oil. All together, this yields lower costs for which owners and operators are appreciative. The vast majority of owners and operators may haul freight, gravel, dirt, logs, prepared foods, construction materials, etc. for someone else. They are generally termed “for hire” carriers. They operate at all levels.

All operators are ‘results based’. The successful operators are those who get the job done on time, with the fewest costs involved; they make the most profit. LE's lubricants will prove their value in terms of longer equipment life and substantial money savings resulting from reduced downtime through longer effective equipment life. Overall, INCREASED PROFITS is what LE has to offer the fleet operator.

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