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ImageHospitals have a wide variety of lubricant and maintenance needs. They are practically a small scale city, with all of the processes and equipment available to operate independently from the rest of the world on a small scale basis. Lubrication Engineers provides maintenance and reliability solutions to all aspects of the hospital’s regime, including power generating machinery, kitchen and laundry equipment, etc. We have food grade products for those special requirements where incidental food contact is possible and for applications where it is critical that the lubricant be non-staining. LE’s Enhanced Lubricants™ and reliability solutions, including contamination control, fluid handling, maintenance and machinery training, equipment and energy surveys, etc, increase profitability by giving longer lasting equipment, fewer breakdowns and problems, energy savings through LE’s ZAP program, less downtime, and overall higher efficiency operations. Use LE support to have the comfort and peace of mind that your hospital is maintained to the highest level possible.


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