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ImageFood processing equipment requires tough, durable lubricants that must hold up in conditions experienced during wash-downs, high temperatures that are found in ovens and areas susceptible to high contamination. Lubrication Engineers line of NSF registered H1 and H2 food-grade Enhanced Lubricants™ provide the protection and performance that is needed in these harsh conditions. With the help of our sales consultants, factories everywhere are utilizing not only LE’s superior line of lubricants, but also the entire program of world class reliability and asset management. We offer maintenance training, contamination control solutions, fluid handling solutions, and everything else needed to maximize the profitability of food processing operations through optimum maintenance practices. Benefits received will include increased machinery life, less unscheduled downtime due to fewer breakdowns, increased production and lowered energy consumption through LE’s ZAP program, and many more. For more information on how to obtain these benefits and more, contact us and we will be there to help.

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