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LE launched this new marketing message to the lubricants industry early in 2005. Lubrication Engineers promotes the fact that our premium range of lubricants are now referred to as LE Enhanced Lubricants™. The reason behind the use of 'Enhanced' is due to LE’s questioning of the current trend in the lubricants industry towards synthetic lubricants, regardless of the application or operating conditions. LE is aiming to educate the industry that its Enhanced Lubricants™ are engineered for superior performance in a specific range of applications without limitations on the base oil type or additives used. LE believes that in most cases at robust treat levels, LE’s specially refined mineral oil formulated with the highest quality conventional & LE proprietary additives, will provide superior performance to synthetic lubricants.


LE is spreading the message that it is important to remember that lubricants are formulated beyond the base oil, whether it is mineral or synthetic. The disadvantage of synthetic lubricants is that synthetic base oils limit additive choice & concentration due to solubility concerns and may not be able to deliver the required performance. Most consumers are currently using synthetics as they have been led to believe by many major lubricant manufacturers that synthetics will always provide superior performance. Mineral base oils, however, allow a wider range of additive chemistries & more robust treatment concentrations.


LE is not claiming though that mineral oils should always replace all synthetics. Synthetics still need to be used in certain applications where there are very high or low temperatures or extremely hostile environments that would be detrimental to a mineral oil.



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