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FORT WORTH, Texas, USA (August 25, 2006) – Lubrication Engineers (LE) is pleased to have completed their product preparations for the arrival of the US Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) new diesel emission standards that will take effect as of 1 January 2007 – these new targets represent a 55% reduction in nitrogen oxide levels and 90% reduction in acceptable particulate matter levels. These updated standards represent a major change for all light-duty/medium-duty and heavy-duty on-road diesel powered vehicle operators but also for lubricant & fuel suppliers as new fuel and lubricants will also now be required for these new diesel engines. LE customers can be reassured to know that LE has already responded to the new standards by updating & upgrading their relevant engine oil & fuel supplement offerings. How will LE customers therefore be affected by the EPA’s new diesel emission standards?

Firstly, there is a need for new engine oils for the new diesel engines. The official new API designation for these oils is CJ-4 and LE’s R&D staff are currently optimizing formulas for CJ-4. LE is looking at their entire MONOLEC® engine oil range to ensure that they not only provide the highest performance products for CJ-4 but also for the 2006 and earlier engines. For the next few years older engines will continue to comprise the largest share of engines in use – LE wants to ensure that their engine oils will still provide the best possible levels of performance for all diesel engines. The updated LE engine oils will be ready before the end of 2006.

Secondly, in order to meet the new 2007 lower emission requirements, the new engines will also require a new diesel fuel – Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD). The new EPA standard requires that on-road diesel contains no more than a maximum allowable level of 15ppm (parts per million) of Sulphur – the previous figure was 500ppm! Off-road equipment will still be able to use higher sulphur diesel until 2010. By removing Sulphur from the diesel it is beneficial to the engine’s emission reduction systems but not to fuel pumps. This is because Sulphur acts as a naturally occurring lubricant and its removal means the fuel will not provide adequate fuel system lubrication. Fortunately for consumers the new laws will also require refiners to therefore add a lubricity additive to the diesel fuel – but only to meet minimum requirements. Further fuel additisation will therefore be required by many consumers for their diesel fuels.

The great news for LE customers is that LE will be introducing a way to protect the fuel systems in both new & old diesel engines. An upgrade will make LE’s popular BTU+ diesel fuel supplements ULSD compliant. This means that they will not contain more than 15ppm Sulphur – resulting in no additional Sulphur Dioxide emissions. BUT they will contain a new & improved additive system which includes a very effective lubricity additive. LE’s chemists have been working on this upgrade for nearly a year and will soon introduce new formula 2410 BTU+ Total Treat and 2420 BTU+ Power Supplement & Cleaner that are needed by ULSD users. Furthermore, both 2410 & 2420 will still be able to be used in both on-road and off-road applications, whether they are using higher Sulphur diesel or ULSD.

“Are you a light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty on-road diesel customer who is worrying about the upcoming engine, fuel and lubricant changes? If so, please be reassured that LE will be there for you with the same high quality, high performance lubrication, diesel engine and fuel products that you have come to trust over the years. As always, we will maintain our position as Leaders in Lubricants and the Lubrication Reliability Source”, said John Sander, Quality Control / Research & Development Manager, Lubrication Engineers Inc.

Lubrication Engineers Inc, USA has been a leader in lubricants since 1951. LE manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, premium quality lubricants formulated from the highest quality 100% select paraffinic base stocks. These lubricants are manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality system at a state of the art plant in Wichita, Kansas, USA. LE’s objective: increase your profitability. LE products are designed to increase profitability through: longer equipment life, extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption), energy reductions, reliability (less downtime), fewer repairs (fewer parts & less labour) as well as less inventory (multi-purpose products) LE products are available worldwide (outside USA, Canada & Mexico) through LE International AG’s network of over 50 distributors.


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