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Fort Worth, Texas, USA - 6 DECEMBER 2004 – Lubrication Engineers Inc is confident that the grass is always greener on their side of the golf course due to the outstanding performances of their LOW TOX® Hydraulic Oils . Hundreds of green keepers around the world are using LOW TOX in their course machinery and have benefited due to the oil’s premium performance and low ecotoxicity. LOW TOX is a low toxicity hydraulic oil designed with advanced product technology that gives performance equivalent to premium hydraulic fluids, yet affords low ecotoxicity to address environmental concerns. It will not contaminate the soil / grass in the event of an oil spill – a vital characteristic for green keepers when they mow greens, fairways and tees.

LOW TOX’s user benefits are numerous: it can be used without having to lower the rated pressures of hydraulic equipment, performance superior to conventional AW hydraulic oils with good rust & corrosion protection, exhibits a very low order of toxicity as compared to commercial & biodegradable, excellent demulsibility & seal compatibility and versatility – it’s available in a number of viscosity grades. For more information click here.

LOW TOX case studies with outstanding results have been compiled worldwide; one such example being Countryside Golf Course near Naples in Florida. 6602 LOW TOX was being used in Jacobsen Green King mowers around the course. One day a mower hose blew out and a major two gallon oil spill occurred on one of the fairways. All the green keeper had to do was turn on the sprinklers and replaced the hose on the mower – major disaster averted. No harm was noted to the grass or soil – the sprinklers washed the fluid away. Countryside GC is also pleased with the savings they realise with 6602 due to the less friction, heat, wear & tear on their expensive machinery.

Another example has been Elmhurst Country Club in Pennsylvania, USA which uses LE’s 6602 LOW TOX Hydraulic Oil in its various hydraulic reel mowers. The club used to have a problem with competitive hydraulic oils killing the grass on the course when leakage or hose failure occurred. When this occurred, expensive re-sodding was applied causing the grass to look burnt for several months before it finally grew back. But once 6602 LOW TOX had been employed, any leakages that then happened only resulted in the grass being discoloured for two to three days. It has meant huge savings in operating costs due to the lack of damage to the grass after oil spills as well as less oil being used due to the excellent performance of LOW TOX.

Lubrication Engineers Inc, USA has been a leader in lubricants since 1951. LE manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, premium quality lubricants formulated from the highest quality 100% select paraffinic base stocks. These lubricants are manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality system at a state of the art plant in Wichita, Kansas, USA. LE’s objective: increase your profitability. LE products are designed to increase profitability through: longer equipment life, extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption), energy reductions, reliability (less downtime), fewer repairs (fewer parts & less labour) as well as less inventory (multi-purpose products) LE products are available worldwide (outside USA, Canada & Mexico) through LE International AG’s network of over 55 distributors.

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