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FORT WORTH, Texas, USA 20 JANUARY 2005 - With the Northern Hemisphere in the grip of another harsh Winter, and the Southern a baking Summer, Lubrication Engineers is proud to announce the launch of its new LE9919 SYNOLEC® All-Climate Gear Lubricant . This specially formulated heavy-duty synthetic gear lubricant has been engineered to meet severe operating conditions: ideal for high & low temperature performance in a range of industrial & automotive applications. The LE9919 SYNOLEC is a true SAE75W-90 grade lubricant that does not use viscosity index improvers to achieve the multi-grade characteristics. Importantly, it contains MONOLEC®, LE’s exclusive, proprietary wear reducing additive. This exclusive MONOLEC® additive formulation blended with the SAE75W-90 synthetic base stocks provides energy savings with reduced fuel & electrical consumption.

This specially formulated heavy-duty synthetic enclosed gear lubricant has a pour point of -60°F
(-51°C) which gives it excellent subzero weather flow capabilities. LE9919 SYNOLEC will provide dependable lubrication in low temperature applications such as: freezer gearboxes, pulpwood plant gearboxes in cold climates and in all gearboxes exposed to harsh winter temperatures. It is also suitable for use in industrial gearboxes (that are subjected to low & high temperatures) and in transmissions on over-the-road, stop-and-go fleets and off highway equipment, as long as they do not require a pure mineral oil.

When using LE’s 9919 SYNOLEC, users will benefit from:

  • Cold weather Capabilities: are realised because of the subzero flow properties. With a -60°F (-51°C) pour point, low temperature start-up and lubrication is assured.
  • Longer Equipment & Gear Life: With LE’s 9919 SYNOLEC, your equipment will last longer & capital expenditures will be reduced by:
  • Reduced Wear: LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive MONOLEC, Plus other EP additives yield a high Timken OK load of 65lbs (29.5 Kg) This true SAE 75W-90 lubricant provides a tough film strength with no shearing. No viscosity improvers are employed to achieve the multigrade characteristics.
  • Longer effective lubricant life: is achieved through enhanced low volatility as well as excellent thermal stability. This assures that LE9919 SYNOLEC provides lasting lubrication when compared with petroleum products without forming carbon deposits. In severe service, this is critical because this lubricant will not break down.
  • Lower maintenance & replacement costs: are achieved through reduced wear, lower operating temperatures & longer oil life. This translates into extended drain intervals vs. ordinary oils, lower maintenance costs, parts, labour costs & reduced capital outlay as equipment lasts longer.

“We are very excited about the performance of LE9919 SYNOLEC. Its’ excellent subzero weather flow properties provide dependable lubrication in low temperature start-up conditions, whilst its superb high temperature oxidation resistance & thermal stability contributes to long service life & gear load carrying ability,” commented Jeff Turner, Vice President Lubrication Engineers Inc.

LE’s 9919 SYNOLEC SAE 75W-90 meets the low & the high temperature requirements of the SAE lubricant viscosity classification J-306 and the SAE gear specification J-2360. LE9919 SYNOLEC® also exceeds the requirements for MIL-PRF-2105E, US Steel 224, AGMA 9005-EO2, API GL-5, API MT-1, Rockwell 0-76-B and is GO-J approved by Mack.

Lubrication Engineers Inc, USA has been a leader in lubricants since 1951. LE manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, premium quality lubricants formulated from the highest quality 100% select paraffinic base stocks. These lubricants are manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality system at a state of the art plant in Wichita, Kansas, USA. LE’s objective: increase your profitability. LE products are designed to increase profitability through: longer equipment life, extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption), energy reductions, reliability (less downtime), fewer repairs (fewer parts & less labour) as well as less inventory (multi-purpose products) LE products are available worldwide (outside USA, Canada & Mexico) through LE International AG’s network of over 55 distributors.

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